Free Credit Counseling Advice for anyone oppressed by debt. Know All Your Options.

Although American Debt Enders does not directly provide debt management services, the company is affiliated with bankruptcy, debt negotiation and consolidation  companies, which authorize ADE to enroll you if you decide to sign up for their services.

In other words, ADE is a debt management referral service with several solutions and programs.  Initially they offer free credit counseling to assess your financial crisis and analyze your budget so they can suggest the best possible option for your particular problem.


Company: American Debt Enders, LLC

Owner: Steven Ciantro

How It Works: Through a free credit counseling session, an analysis of your financial situation is made and a suitable program is recommended.  There is no pressure or obligation to sign u p for any program.

Benefits: Why should you call  this company as oppose to another company?  The following claims were gathered from several ADE website pages:

  • You get free credit counseling and even if you decide not to enroll in any program, you will gain financial knowledge.
  • If you qualify and enroll in the debt settlement program, ADE will pay for the first three months of a service that will stop collectors phone calls.
  • You get a clearly written agreement which fully explains the fees and services. There are no hidden or upfront fees.
  • No documented record is kept of the information you may have provided during the counseling session.  ADE assures this information will not be shared or sold.
  • The company does not engage in telemarketing sales practices, which mean you will not be overwhelmed with endless sales phone calls from them.
  • They offer multiple debt programs and will recommend the best suited program for your situation.
  • If during counseling they determine that your best solution is other than what they offer, they will inform you.

Price: Fees vary depending on the  type of  program and the amount of debt, however there are no hidden or up front fees. American Debt Enders states prices will be fully disclosed in writing during the initial consultation, which is free of charge.

Refund Policy: Their counseling sessions are free of charge.

Conclusion: Judging by their transparency on their website and the various disclosures throughout their web pages, American Debt Enders seems like a good, forthright company.  Their website is very informative with lots of useful articles, tips and resources which you can freely use.  You would not lose anything by trying their free debt counseling session, in fact, you will gain new knowledge and information even if you don’t enroll in any program.  They state there is no pressure to sign up.

Nevertheless, it is recommended that you do your own research about any company before entering into any contract or written agreement.

If You Have A Debt Problem, You need to know all your options.
American Debt Enders can get you on the road to Debt Freedom.

User Comments

Hello all, let me 1st say this…. I am disabled & had absolutely NO WHERE TO TURN !!!
I was all over the place on line & by sheer luck found AMERICAN DEBT ENDERS. More over Steven Ciantro. He is the only one who took the time to really talk to me.

Thomas Hocking
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“I just made my last payment for the debt settlement program american debt enders enrolled me into. I now can start fresh, and will be getting into their credit restoration program shortly!!!”

Paul T.
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“I would like to commend Steve of AmericanDebtEnders for the great service he offered during my initial consultation with him. He described the different alternative solutions available to me in a thorough, compassionate and understandable manner…”

Barbara Footer
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